Sculptural Facial Massage

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The fact is that with age it becomes not enough to simply moisten and feed the skin, and it's necessary to activate the exchange processes in tissues on a deeper level. The problem is located a bit deeper, namely in the muscles, it is their "toning" that effectively aids the facial procedure's effectiveness.

The Sculptural Facial Massage is an anti-gravity method designed to lift the face, strengthen its muscles, correct its form and remove unnecessary sagging. This technique was developed by the Israeli cosmetologist and massage therapist Yakov Gershkovich, and quickly gained worldwide popularity.

The Sculptural Facial Massage technique does exactly what it spells. In fact, the therapist becomes a skillful sculptor who moulds the client's face, correcting problematic areas and creating ideal, youth-like lines.

The method's key to success lies in its simultaneous focus on two different phases: sculptural & deep tissue. During the sculptural phase, the therapist literally sculpts the face anew, getting rid of all excess: double chin, puffy sagging cheeks, misplaced eyelids, lowered mouth corners, wrinkles between the eyebrows, etc. The deep tissue phase is carried out through the oral cavity using especially thin sterile gloves. The muscles are toned in short sessions through different methods, and the client feels like his face is filled from the inside. Combining these techniques leads to an effective non-surgical facelift and, more importantly, is in itself a natural process, which opposes plastic surgeries' tendency to form a new face and ignore natural rejuvenation mechanisms.

You can enjoy and benefit and with just one treatment, however there is a cumulative effect, and you would benefit more fully from a course of treatments.

Benefits of Sculptural Facial Massage:

  • eliminates muscle spasms
  • stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce better quality and quantity of natural collagen and elastin
  • eliminates mimic wrinkles and sagging
  • improves muscle tone
  • improves complexion
  • eliminates swellings, under eye bags and dark circles
  • eliminates antigravity ptosis (upper eyelid drooping)
  • restores contours of the neck, chin and cheeks
  • emphasises cheekbones
  • eliminates blockages, clamps, stress and anxiety

The Sculptural Facial Massage is a lot like a fitness course with a personal trainer. Do not get surprised if after the treatment your friends will wonder where you’ve rested so well or in which clinic you underwent a plastic surgery. People around you won’t suspect that all it takes is skill and extensive knowledge of a therapist who practices this method. Be beautiful!

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