Hot Stone Organic Facial

Hot Stone Organic Facial is a penetrating, earth connecting facial treatment designed to purify, nourish, relax and soothe tired skin. This luxurious facial treatment combines the benefits of essential oils and hot stone massage.

The face is cleansed, exfoliated, and a hot moist towel gently scented with essential oils is carefully draped over the face and left for several minutes. The mixture of heat and moisture provides an almost decadent sense of relaxation while loosening dead skin cells and dirt from the skin’s surface. Hot Stones with aromatic oils are then used to massage the shoulders, neck and face. Hot Stones are excellent to relax and sooth facial muscles, stimulate circulation and speed up the removal of toxins from the skin. Next, a deeply purifying French Green Clay mask is applied to literally drink oils, toxins and impurities from your skin, revitalizing your complexion and tightening pores. After the mask is removed using hot towels, toning and moisturising will follow. Finished with the ancient beauty secret of China, cool jade roller massage improves lymphatic drainage, clears areas of puffiness and congestion and leaves your skin firm and detoxified with a superior sensory experience.

Benefits of Hot Stone Organic Facial:

  • improves circulation to skin (ideal for people who have poor circulation)
  • releases toxins
  • clears pores
  • excess fluid removal
  • diminishes puffiness under eyes
  • encourages firming/toning
  • promotes hydrated, healthy glow
  • deeply relaxing for mind and body
  • de-congests sinuses
  • relieves headaches
  • replenishing... right down to cell level!

This treatment is focused on relaxation and sensory experience and does not include the use of extractions. We do not analyse or specifically treat problem skin in this facial.

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