Clear Skin Organic Facial

Unfortunately, acne does not always go away once you're past your teenage years. Many people are plagued with acne well into their twenties and beyond. However, there is no reason to live with the embarrassment of pimples and blackheads any longer. Clean, treat and prevent adult breakouts with our powerful Clear Skin Organic Facial that jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment.

The treatment begins with a deep double cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a steam bath to soften and unclog skin pores. Next, careful manual extractions are followed by 15-20 minutes of High Frequency Therapy which is used to literally zap your pimples. The safe and gentle oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current has been proven to kill acne-causing bacteria and eliminate excess sebum and unwanted toxins while improving skin care product penetration and absorption. The skin is left feeling instantly energized, rosy, firm, refreshed and noticeably softer - even after just one treatment!

Now, with the skin super activated, comes the application of a facial mask that helps you attain radiant clear complexion and eliminates the signs of blemishes. Finally, toning and moisturizing complete the treatment. And of course, we wouldn't let you leave without a 50 SPF sunblock.

The results are excellent. Clear as that.

The treatment is performed using Neal's Yard Remedies skin care, which contains only the finest plant ingredients, high in natural healing energies, purity and therapeutic benefits.

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